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Discover how we helped the biggest Brazilian insurance company to train its customer service team using chatbots.

Caixa Seguradora presented us the challenge to create a tool that improves the training process of its employees with the new tone of communication proposed by the new company branding.

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  • Brasília

We embraced the challenge and worked together with the agency Às Promo to develop the solution. Deia is a chatbot inside Facebook that takes doubts and helps the training process of employees . Besides delivering educational content to support training, Deia responds and asks questions to reinforce training and check staff learning.

Technical prowess, organization, ability to synthesize and punctuality in deliveries.

Patricia Minieri, Manager of Marketing and Communication Department

We used AI mechanisms and node.js to develop the API and expose chatbot conversation capabilities
The chart on the right is a comparison of engagement with mail marketing and chatbot channels. We can see the engagement performance that chatbot provides and the results of converting interactions with Deia.Fontes: Mail Chimp, Weps

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