Dr. Bip

Discover how technology can improve the doctor-patient relationship.

Dr.bip is a health tech startup founded by two doctors who believe that technology can improve the experience in medical prescription and treatment follow-ups.

  • Web & Mobile
  • Brasília

In this project we had the challenge of creating a simple and friendly interface for a persona who has difficulties interacting with technology. Another major challenge of the project was dealing with a big data set of prescription and drug consumption information that would be used to generate reports for public managers and the pharmaceutical industry. To meet this challenge, we have created a microservices based architecture that can scale and receive thousands of requests per hour.

What we did

  • UX/UI Design
  • API Design
  • Web Development
  • Rails & AngularJS
  • Mobile Development
  • Native React

Novatics has a highly skilled team. They contributed greatly with our product, they always brought valuable thoughts about our strategy, positioning and market. They are very delicate and always look for the best solutions for the product.

Dr. Alberto Aguiar, MD - Co-founder at Dr. Bip

Creative and development process

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