Wiz Massificação

We have unified the core capabilities for Wiz's home insurance contract process.

Wiz is an insurance broker that needed to automate its mass products contract process, such as home insurance, to unify its operation in São Paulo.

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Our goal was to create a system that would ensure independence of the process operators, but would keep the visibility to all product stakeholders. Especially managers, who needed to visualize the sales funnel, potential bottlenecks, and metrics. In addition, documents were standardized, tracking history was created and the interaction with the clients was centralized.

It was a great experience. The team understood our needs, and brought more than we had imagined. We have been waiting for this tool since 2011, and only now we have found a company that leveraged our project. Congratulations!

Juliana Diniz Aragão, Product Owner, Operations Manager - GERES

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